Frequently Asked Questions

Before you submit your work to be considered for CENFLO 2019, please read through the following.

Do you offer Waivers or Discounts?

YES. We provide TWO options for your film to qualify for the CENFLO waiver or discount request.

  1. If you are a CENFLO festival ALUMNI and have attended our festival in person, you qualify for a discount toward your entry fee. To submit you must be the Director or Producer of the past official selection. We will be verifying Alumni status via If we discover you do not qualify we will send an email requesting a submission fee via Film Freeway.

  2. CENFLO offers discounts to student filmmakers. Students are considered those individuals who are under the age of 18 or are enrolled in verifiable college programs.

  3. All requests for waivers or discounts must be made to our official email: CENFLO does not accept waiver requests once our submissions have fully closed on Film Freeway.

NOTE: Waivers do NOT guarantee official selection into CENFLO, nor does it qualify you for a free "Filmmaker Pass" to the festival.

What is CENFLO's Selection Process?

Each film is initially screened by no less than 5 members of our selection committee. Scores are determined by a ten category selection process, each with a 1-10 scale (Poor to Top Quality). Categories include: Script, Production Value, Direction, Performance, Camera Work, Editing, Sound, Music, Lighting, Continuity and Detail. The best score a film can receive is a 500 and the worst is 0 (neither of which has ever been achieved). Our standard practice has been a score of 400+ receives an invitation and a score of 360 and below receive a rejection letter. Other scores falling between this range are 'on the bubble' and still in consideration to be invited to the festival.

How quickly will I hear if I've been invited to screen at CENFLO?

We make every effort to notify our filmmakers as quick as possible so that they can make arrangements to attend as well as let friends, fans and family know about their film screening at our festival. If you are not accepted, you have the option to email us a request for a critique supplied by our Executive Director. You MUST email a request in order to receive the critique.

Do You Provide Film Critiques?

YES. If your film is not selected to screen at CENFLO you must request (by email) a critique. One will be provided by our Executive Director and will include the feedback from our judges' comments.

How Are Winners and Finalists Decided?

After a film receives its qualifying score, it moves into the second stage of judging. Five additional judges score 1 to 10 in ten different categories. This score is added to the film's original score. The top 8-10 films in each category moves on to the finals. Five more judges view and score the films in each category. The highest and lowest score from each round is dropped and the top score in each category is our CENFLO Winner. A winner and four finalists are announced at our Awards Show, which is presented on Sunday night, followed by a wrap party.

What Does CENFLO Use the Money Raised For?

Entry fees are used by for administration and advertising purposes. The rest of the money (received through grants) goes back into the festival for screening fees, advertising & marketing, events, food and other expenses. No one on the Board of Directors, Executive Team, Selection Committee or Festival Technical Staff receive salaries of any kind. We are run primarily by volunteers. The catering staff and theater staff are paid by their respective employers. We pay rental and catering fees to these places of business.

Do Filmmakers Receive Free Passes?

Yes. Each selected film will receive one (1) Filmmaker Pass. Opportunities will be provided to filmmakers to purchase additional passes by contacting the festival at (please put ADDITIONAL PASSES in the subject line).

What is Included with a CENFLO All Access Pass?

Admission to ALL of the following scheduled events, activities and parties:

  • All Festival Screenings

  • Seminars

  • Panel Discussions

  • Special Events including the Awards Show

  • Access to nightly cocktail mixers

  • Sunday Night Award Show

Can I request free tickets for my film screening for friends, family, cast and crew?

NO. Discounted Day Passes and All Access Passes will be offered to filmmakers for these attendees. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR EMAILS FOR THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS. These discounts will ONLY be available PRIOR to the festival.

Do Buyers Attend the Central Florida Film Festival?

YES. In recent years several feature films and two documentaries have received distribution offers.

Do you provide free hotel and/or airfare to those filmmakers accepted into CENFLO?

NO. All our funds raised go directly back into the festival.

Why Should I Submit my Film to the Central Florida Film Festival?

We pattern our small festival after the American Film Market in Santa Monica. We have 14 years of experience in the festival business. We care about the filmmaker and want to attract those that want to make more connections in the business through networking. If you get into CENFLO, plan to spend a weekend meeting distributors, other film professionals, eating great food, watching quality movies, and creating new opportunities for your filmmaking future.

Ready? We can’t wait to hear from you!